Totem hawk or Gershman Chameleon?

Hello! I am in process of starting a totally new system.I have heard the Totem Hawk and was very pleased with the sound but thought the sweet spot was a little small.Has anyone heard the Cameleon?This is the price range I'm in.My room is 16'L 10'W 10'H.I listen to Jazz and Classical.I really appreciate any advice!Cheer's,John
Totems and Gershwins are indeed having a totally different approach to build the sound and in vast majority of cases if you like one you won't like the other. Just my $.02
Thank's for the responce! Different sound in what way,imaging,transparincy,soundstage? Cheer's
My first impression on Gershman speakers was with their flagship Opera-Sulvage on CES.
I stepped onto this room just after Totem room and was quite shure of my undisputable likes towards Totems. This huge speaker system couldn't give any bigger and more defined sound than these little Totem Hawks. I realy don't know what other folks find in Gershmans...
Were the flagship speakers sharing the room with some audiophile newsletter and a power conditioner company? If this is the same room, I agree, the set up was not good.

However, I very much liked the other Gershman set up which had their model 828 (?) speaker (kind of like an obelisk that is bent forward in the middle). I thought that was one of the best sounding speakers at the show in the not totally crazy price range (around $16k).
Try to audition the VSA VR2 speaker. For less money they deliver the goods. Deeper bass, very transpatent, and wider sweet spot.Stunning dynamics. I prefered them over the Totem's. It will be worth your effort....Ken
The sound of the Opera Sauvages is irrelevant to what Mudshark is asking about, or to the sound of the Cameleon.
Having said that, the Cameleons aren't all that great a speaker, compared to Gershman's other offerings. This is subjective, of course, but I think they're sort of ugly. (sorry)
People tend to tire of Totems "zingy" sound pretty quckly too. That's why you see a ton of them being sold used on the Internet.
Don't be in a hurry or limit yourself to these two speakers. Look around and listen. There are a LOT of speakers out there!
I note that both Totem and Gershman are Canadian speakers. Are you in Canada? I think there's an Audio Show in Montreal Canada pretty soon. Maybe you should look it up and go to it.
Thanks guys for all your input!I bought a pair of Apogee Duetta sigs.My search is over! "Full Ribbons always"Mudshark