Totem hawk or Forest / Be-wiring or not?

There are so many opinions as people.
Do you have any experience and own preferences?

Additionally, one of the dealers whated to sell me a SUDGEN A21 amplifier class A 2*25W. What do you think about it?

The Totem Acoustic dealer I visited here in Singapore had both the hawk and the forest bi-wired. He said that bi-wiring will produce better clarity, greater dynamics and more accurate imaging.

As for the watts, these babies are rated at 86dB (hawk) and 87dB (forest) sensitivity. If you like to listen to music at modest to loud volumes, I would suggest at least a 100Wpc amp. I'm sure the class A 25W amp is an excellent amp, but you won't be able to play these totem beauties at a decent level (at least I think). The totem website ( suggests that 60+ Watt amps be used with the hawk and the forest.

I brought in my McIntosh MC7300 amp (300Wpc) into the store and the hawk sang beautifully with them. You should demo the amp he's suggesting with the speakers before you buy them.

Good luck,