Totem Hawk 86 db sensitivity

Thinking of purchasing a pair of Totem Hawks and was wondering if the 86 db sensitivity will be an issue with a 302b for power? The room is about 15' x 28', with high ceilings on the front half.

Also how about the Meadowlark Kestrel 2's, any thoughts?
I posed a similar question to Vince Bruzzese of Totem at the HE2003. He said that the Hawks should be a decent match for 40-50W amps but not great. The Sttaf should be a better match according to him. Hawks like a little more power especially if your music have wide dynamics.
40-50 - not great is correct. 75 or 100 fir the Hawk.I'm opt for the Forests for that size room...
Hawks are great if you won't run them loud.
They need at optimum 100W each.

Kestrels do also benefit from stronger drive and can sound significantly more loud i.e. having stronger drivers. They're one of my favourite speakers in its class.
i would opt for the forests for that size of room. I listened to them at he2003 and they sounded fantastic. in a smaller room, i would go with the hawks. IMO, the totem speakers will need some power to do the speaker justice. I am not talking about 100 watts of sony or pioneer power, but 100 watts of classe, plinius, mcintosh,etc.. type of power. another solution is to go with the model 1's (or tabu) with either a rel or the totem subwoofer. i currently use the model 1's with a rel strata III sub and i am very pleased.