Totem Forest with 300B Amplifier

I think it will be very interesting.
I have Totem Forest with Cayin A88T Tube Amplifier.
Its sound is extremely fantastic.

Don't miss this set up and absolutely you can check this
sound if you have Totem Forest.

I will check another try.
It's the comblination between Forest and 300B Tube amplifier.

I would share any idea about this.

Thank you.
totem speakers perform to their potential with fairly high powered, quality ss amps. do an a/b comparison.
I once heard a pair of Forest with a 30W Unison tube amp and they sound fantastic especially with piano -- even the bass was impressive. Although they have relatively low efficiency, they work really well with even low power tube amp.
How about Totem Forest and Cary CAD 300sei LX20?