Totem Forest vs Proac Response D15 vs Spendor s8e

I currently am in the market for a new/used set of speakers. I'm looking for a pair of speakers that will only improve as I upgrade my electronics in the years to come. I have not changed my speakers in the past 15 years so I want a pair that will give me at least several years of service. I'm considering the follow speakers: Totem Forest, Proac D15 Response, and the Spendor s8e. Any advice would be great!

I'm currently using the following equipment with plans in the next couple years to upgrade the Rotel gear:
Rotel 1075 amplification
Rotel 1098 preprocessor
Arcam FMJ DV27 dvd
Arcam CD92 cd player
ps audio p300
Audience au24 speaker cables
Harmonic tech truthlinks
current front speakers: B&W CM2 Concept 90 speakers from the late 1980's.
Last year I demo'ed a pair of Spendor S9e's and found them plenty dynamic but a little unbalanced throughout the whole range. I ended up buying a pair of Totem Hawks, even though I was offered the S9e's at close to dealer cost. That said, a two-way design is much different from a three-way design and the S8e might have performed much differently and more to my liking.

All are similar designs, and will keep their value if you decide to trade up. You really can't go wrong with any of them but Totem is my favorite brand of the three from the comparisons I've heard (no idea how the higher-end Proac models compete with the Totem Wind/Shaman)
go for d 15 very musical and frequency 30 with seas woofer one of the best woofer skanspek tweteer
All 3 speaker are very good and will be a good match with your system. I think the Totems have more warmth in the bass if you like s rich and musical sound. The Totems will also win if you have to set the speakers a little too close to each other as the Totems still image big in tight spaces. I would also look at Aerial and Vienna Acoustics.
Hi Proac Support,
Please,tell me where Proac Response 1.5 is made in and How much it cost now?
I wanted to update everyone on my speaker search. I ended up getting none of the speakers on my initial short list. Instead, I picked up an excellent pair of new-used speakers on audiogon instead: PMC OB1.

They sound beautiful....I think that with this speaker, I can upgrade my other components for a very long time before I have to replace these beauties!
Calgarian5355, congratulations and we can wish you many years of enjoyment. If you get a chance I would be curious to read how your comparison, review, and selection process went.
I addition to the three speakers mentioned in the title of this posting, I also auditioned the Verity Taminos, a small, beautifully finished floorstanding speaker.
It is extremely difficult to auditions speakers at different audio dealerships given the fact that there are so many different factors that affect the sound, interconnects, speaker placement, components, etc. With that said, I'll provide you with my findings along with any additional information about the stereo setup...

The Verity Tamino's were auditioned on a Linn system, including the Linn Ikemi player. My listening notes indicate that the system was detailed and precise with excellent imaging and soundstage. I found the midrange to be a bit recessed and a bit on the analytical side. I found the bass (although the Taminos are not known for it) to be a bit on the shy side. Overall, I felt I wanted a warmer sounding speaker.

The Totem Forest were auditoned on an Arcam AVR300 along with an Arcam DV79 cd/dvd player. I believe they were also using Monster speaker cables. I really enjoyed this speaker overall...warm...clean, solid midrange, esp on female vocals. I felt that the system lacked a bit of detail and depth, esp in the upper frequencies. I firmly believe this speaker did not show it's full potential during my audition.

The Spendor s8e and ProAc Response D15's were both auditioned on what I consider to be exceptional equipment: Pathos integrated amp, Ayre Universal CD/SACD player, Acoustic Zen cabling and power cords. Both of these speakers were simply amazing! The Spendors were the warmer of the two speakers. I would give the edge to the ProAcs however; the ProAcs had a more refined sound in the treble, with greater detail and finesse without any harshness or glare. When I listened to the ProAcs, I truly felt I was getting a taste of what ultra high end equipment sounds like. I was captivated!

I was fully prepared to place my order for a pair of ProAc D15s when I came across a posting on Audiogon about PMC speakers. My preliminary search of this particular brand indicated that the OB1 would be a good speaker in the same class that I've been auditioning. I generally don't place a great deal of trust in magazine reviews of equipment, however, I came upon an assessment of the OB1's by Andrew Marshall (Audio Ideas Guide) who loved the speaker. I've been reading his magazine since the mid 80's and have always trusted his opinion about equipment. It one of his early magazine articles that made me audition and ultimately purchase the B&W CM2's that I've had for the past 16 years!

In the end, I could have been happy with either the Totems, the ProAc or the Spendors (with my favorite of the three being the Proacs). However, based on my research of the PMC OB1's, I was confident they would be an excellent choice as well. I bid on an pair of PMC OB1's on Audigon (WITHOUT having auditioned them!!!) and won the bid. I have no regrets.

For my needs, the OB1's do it all! As I progress though this hobby and experience the urge to upgrade, my electronics may change, but my OB1 speakers will be with me for a long time.