Totem Forest, Spendor S6e, or Spendor S8e ??

I'd like to know if anyone has compared these
speakers. Im using Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 Integrated, and I also have the Plinius 9200.
My room is 20 x 18 with 10 foot ceilings and hardwood floors. Im using the Forests now, and the detail and depth are very impressive. The Forests have a wonderful deep bass, but are known to be a little bright in the high end.
Ive heard that the Spendors are warmer with
a sweeter high end. The 6e's have a 6 inch bass
cone and the 8e's have an 8 inch cone. I prefer warmth
over size and I wonder if an 8 inch cone might overpower
my room. There are no retailers here in New Orleans. Any thoughts?
My vote goes to the S8e. If you add asc tube traps in the corners to start off with you shouldn't have any prolems.
They sound very different but I think they both share the same important characteristic is that they more concern about communicating the emotion of the music rather than striving for details or soundstage prowness.

I hear the Totem Model 1 and Forest and they probably the best in term of vocal reproduction. It's like the artists singing to you personally.

The Spendor will probably be more laidback and warmer sounding but I didn't feel the Totem was at all forward.

For a small room, I would recommend the Totem Model 1.
Hands down the Spendor S8e. In reviews that compare the entire line up that is the sweet spot. Its also the speaker that Sllie Reynolds of Absolute Sound compares with other speakers he/she reviews.

I've demo'd them and they sound MUCH better than many other speakers I've heard. Very well made speakers. Your room is perfect size for them.
The Spendor S6e are too small for the room size cause they get a bit compressed when you drive them hard.
The S8e is a great match and maybe better with the Plinius.
Spendors are very intimate speakers,all the models.Most Spendor lovers stay with them a very long time.
That said ever think about Tabu's or Mani 2 .Great speakers,could live with either.
The Mf and Plinius will drive them easily.
Though choice.
Thanks guys ,for the advice. I thought most folks
would prefer the S8e's, as they did. Ive never tried the tabu's or MAni 2. Looks like I'll sell the Forest's at
some point, although Ive gotta admit the bass
and mid's are fantastic on the Totem's. Spendors look like they're just a small step up in overall presence.
And either amp will do a good job. Also in the running
was Green Mountain Callisto's, by the way.
And Ive got Signalcable IC's and cables as well
as Speltz Anti-Cables and Anti-IC's. I never got
a chance to use the Speltz's because Hurricane Katrina ran me out of town, and Im just getting my system back together.
Hey Taylspin, did you ever sell your Totems and get the Spendor 8Se? If so, let us know what you think? I have a 20' x 15' room and am very seriously considering the 8Se, but I have yet to find a dealer close where I can hear them. I heard the 5Se and really liked it's sonic presentation. It's just too small for my room.

I also fell in love with the ProAc D25, but it is a lot more $$$ than the Spendor 8Se. Has anyone compared the ProAc D25 to the Spendor 8Se?
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