Totem Forest Signatures anyone?

Has anyone tried these speakers at home? Thoughts?
I haven't had those but I have had the Rainmakers and Hawks in my house - quite recently,  too.

I went for the Hawks simply due to budget constraints at the time.  I believe the Forests go for just north of $6k the pair?  The Hawks were $3.2k if memory serves me correctly.  The Forests have a marginally wider frequency range in the specs,  but frankly I couldn't justify the difference in price when I auditioned both sometime early last year or late 2014.  (I drove the sales guy nuts,  but they like me there.)

I was happy with the Hawks - exceptional build quality and engineering,  with pretty damn good bass reproduction given their modest size.  I do believe you will find yourself seeking a subwoofer after a while since they were 32hz at the bottom - the Forests are 30hz I believe.

I will say that they aren't "rockers" - I now listen mostly to combo-based jazz,  alternative folk,  lighter fare than I did in my wayward youth.

I drove my Hawks with a Pass Labs X150.5 amp,  and a Macintosh Mc275 Mark VI,   as well as my vintage Pioneer SX1050 receiver.  If I could afford them I would definitely consider their Wind series - which I have auditioned.  Good manufacturer.  Good luck!