TOTEM forest SF Bay Area

Hello all,

I am seriously considering purchasing a pair of these speakers but I wanted to hear them in person. Anyone willing to be gracious enough to let me audition their's or can recommend a local dealer/person where I could audition these speakers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Call Jim Volpatti at Silent Lucidity, the totem dealer in SF. Web site:
I would also recommend giving Jim at Silent Lucidity a call. Jim offers a very personal service which includes setting up gear and speakers in your home if necessary.
Pro Home Systems in the East Bay (Oakland and Walnut Creek locations) carry Totem. Call ahead to see if they have that model on display. Ask for Peter if you wish to set up a good time to come in and listen. He's very knowledgable and has a good frame of reference for comparison of other quality speakers because Pro Home used to sell Hales back when they were still around, and they currently will have speakers from Meridian, B&W, Canton, Snell, and Triad on hand for comparison. Tell him Johnny Z. sent ya.. Good Luck! jz
Harmony audio carries Totem & is located in the west portal area of san francsico