Totem forest/hawk value?

There has been remarkably little discussion on the Totem floorstanders. My impression is that although small and somewhat pricey, their dynamics are great, and their musicality much better than Audio Physics or similar B&W or thiel. Are there similar-or dissenting-opinions?
Haven't hear the Totem Forests, but the Hawks are tremendously good, as long as you don't push them to great excess. The Hawks are extremely resolving and musical and will play surprisingly "big" and deep for such diminutive speakers - again - as long as you don't try to blast them beyond reason. Moreover they are compatible with both SS and tube electronics. Truly a speaker your system can "grow" with.
I own the Totem forests. I did a side by side comparison with the Audio Physic Tempo III's. The dymanics were much better than the Tempo's. The bottom end is especially good. The Tempo's high end was probably better but overall I thought the Forests were the way to go.
I've owned the Forests for almost a year now. Have not heard or read of them compared to the Hawks, but the Totem website info seems to make a solid case for similar sound at about half the cost. I use the Forests as my mains, and am considering the Hawks as a conveniently similarly-voiced surround upgrade for the near future. Forests provide a very coherent, uncolored presentation. I'm very happy with them. I've recently purchased Odyssey Stratos monoblocks, to try to drive them better for improved dynamics and low-level detail. (I'll be using the B & K 202 AVR for a while as the pre though). Hope others will pony-up with some directly comparative info and observations.