Totem Forest, Hawk or Von schweikert VR-2's ?

I'm looking at these as well as my previous post.........
Spendor 8's 6's and Dynaudio Focus 220's.

Any help or experiance with these would be greatly appriciated.
Budget $5000 for 5 speaker set-up, I already have a sub for HT.

I sell Totem so I will chip in. For music I would go with the Hawk. From a design standpoint the Hawk is the better speaker. The Drivers are higher quality and the design is one of the best in the Totem lineup.

The Forest will play louder.
To elaborate on my previous post, the Hawks are much more cohesive and offer a smoother presentaton than the Forest. Bass is about the same however the Hawk seems to delineate bass lines better (possibly due to its superb integration). The Forest tends to lean to the frequency extremes and can be a little more in your face. The upper tilt in the Forest treble adds to the perceived detail but in several A/B comparisions they faired the same. The forest is more dynamic in larger rooms and would be better suited to A/V applications.