Totem Forest and Budget Amplifiers

I have a wonderful set of Totem Forest Speakers and I need advice on a budget friendly integrated amp (less than 1K) to carry me over a year or two until I can afford to upgrade. I've been through two amps so far, a Rotel 1080 which was a little too bright for me and a Jolida 1501 which to me was too forward and less appealing than the Rotel. I listen at pretty low "bedroom" levels so I may be able to get by with a lower powered all tube setup such as the Jolida 302/502 or Primaluna. Not opposed to SS but was thinking all tubes as a change. I listen to mainly vocalist and piano

Thanks in advance for the advice.
I see someone is selling a Unison Reseach Unico for US$1k (see for sale section). That would work but the Unico SE for US$1.5k would be a glorious combo for the Totems. Stretch your budget. I'm pretty certain you won't regret.
I've been very happy with 15 watt tube mono's on the Forests. However, I would caution you that this combo needs to play above "bedroom" levels to sound right. So, you may need even more power for your situation. Funny, how low volume listening can actually require more power to achieve realistic dynamics and tone. How about that Cayin A50T? Under $1500 new and if I can believe what I hear about it, not much of a compromise either. Occasionally one will pop up here for almost half off the new price. Never heard or read a bad thing about it.
The Cayin A50 is one that I had looked at, would you consider this comparable to the PrimaLuna. The Primaluna is under consideration because of the Self Biasing. I want to experience the full tube sound but I'm not sure about the biasing requirements.
I heard that Unico is a good tube amp and they sound nice together with Totem.

Vista Audio I34 is said to be a capable amp. The bigger model I34 I am told can produce 35 watts per channel and is sold for $980 brand new. This is an American firm based in New York that makes mostly tube amp.

Rotel is not a warm or mellow amp like the cheap NAD or cheap Cambridge Audio. I am very sensitive with the high and for this reason I never care much for Rotel. Rotel is just too harsh for my ears.

Good luck.
Totem Forest is a floorstander and its efficiency of 87db is rather low for any floorstander its size. You should check with Vista Audio to see if their tube amp can drive your Forest at your comfort listening level.
I've heard the Totems sound very nice with affordable tube integrated amps (from JAS,Raysonic,and Soundquest)as well.
Totem's are not very good speakers, but you can try hooking them with the Krell KAV400i integrated amp.
The tube amps listed are good choices - PrimaLuna would have to be used, but ProLogue 1 would be very nice match.

Solid state my choices would be in this order:

-Naim Nait 5 - used (very good match with Totem)

-Music Hall's new larger integrated amp (good match with Totem)

-Cambridge Audio 840A v2 - used (very good amp, must be "v2")

-NAD C-372 - used (very good amp)

-Musical Fidelity A3.5 - (very good amp)

In my book, these would all kick the Rotel's a$$ paired with the Forests.
Agreed with Mr. Knownothing.
Anthem 225 integrated. Probably the biggest bang for the buck!
There are a few Manley Stingrays near your price range that might be worth looking into.
Rega was one of my favorite integrateds.Also great re-sale,good luck,Bob
Since I recently purchased a Primaluna Prologue 6, you would think I was a Primaluna saleperson; but the fact of the matter is, I am enjoying the music more than ever.