Totem DreamCatchers. Small 2-Channel System

Greetings all,
I finally got around to cleaning out my small study (a long overdue task!). With newfound space, I played around with some of my Totem speakers.

Not a big surprise, the Totem Arros really excell in this small space. A bit more to my surprise, a pair of Totem DreamCatchers (these usually do surround duty in my HT setup) sound fantastic. You can probably guess by my gear list, that I sometimes do some home recording. I have a Totem sub, but at least in this small room, I can't say I feel compelled to use it.

Some details...
Source: PC
Sound Card/DAC: External Edirol FA-66
Mackie Mixer
Crest Audio 2-Channel Amp
Audioquest Type 4
Sandfilled Studio Tech stands