Totem Beaks

Has anyone heard of these "beak" things. Does anyone use them, if so, how do you feel about them. I'm thinking about buying a pair but I've learned to ask around first and lay down the cash later. Totem does have the beaks and their speakers on their web site, but I understand they also sell other items (such as cables) but they do not seem to be on the site. Why?
I use the beaks. In my opinion, they do work. The differences I noticed when auditioning them were mainly in the superior high frequency extension- i.e. cymbals 'shimmering' a bit better, a hair better resolution, etc. They will not 'bowl you over'- it is subtle, but I felt they were worth the investment. They also tend to get interesting comments from non-audiophiles! By the way, I use Totem Mani-2 speakers.
I use the beaks and found the above comments similar to my experience. It is a subtle difference, yet worth the investment.
I use the beaks on Model 1's. My experience with them is similar to the previous posts. Imaging is better with them. It is subtle though. Overall, there is better coherence. I also like how they look. Worth a try IMO. Good luck. Mel.