Totem... Bass?

i am auditioning new speakers right now. bookshelves. i really like the sound of, heard the rainmaker and the totem wind. the wind was great but that was a novelty to listen to.... i don't want to spend much more than $2000 and am willing to go used. are there any totem's that have decent bass? the rainmaker's bass sounded fine but was very weak. thanks for the help.
The Mani-2's have bass that will blow you away. I've been running a pair for about a year now and it's been a challenge, but a fun one, figuring out ways to keep the bass in control. The problem is, I don't think you will be able to find a pair within your budget. For 2K you might consider a used pair of Signature-1's. A buddy of mine runs a pair and I think they have an excellent, clean and precise sound across the spectrum. Paired with the right cables, and a room that's not too large might give you what you are seeking. I think you will find there will be no comparison between them and the Rainmakers in the lower end. IMO. Have fun.
All Totems I have heard have excellent bass FOR THEIR SIZE with the right amp.

Most also require a lot (120 w/ch and up) of power and current to bring it out fully also.

Love the Mani 2s but not cheap....
The mani-2's are the only ones that have decent bass. The rest of the bookshelves have very little. Its a pretty common complaint.
Don't agree with Nadman12. I think the Model-1 has very nice bass, more natural than the Mani-2's, if you are not trying to fill too large of a room. Need a good stand, good amplification, etc.
I agree with Nadman12. I owned the Model 1s and my main complaint was lack of bass. This was in a small room.
I have never heard the Mani 2.
I think it depends on the speakers that one is comparing with when he/she mentions the Model 1's or 1 Signatures have decent or lightweight bass. I compared the Model 1s with Harbeth SHL5s and no contest. The Model 1s were not only lacking in bass but sounded much smaller in scale in comparison to the SHL5s. If you compare between the Winds and the Model 1s, the difference will be quite huge and not subtle.

I have not listened to the Mani 2 but generally if you want deeper bass and an overall bigger sound you need to have speakers with big cabinets and drivers. You may want to save up for the bigger Totem models since you preferred the presentation of the Winds. Nonetheless, you might just want to try the Model 1s and see if they work for you. Most Totem speakers require a healthy dose of current ie. strong amps so make sure your amplifier is up to the task.

Good luck.
Hawks have very good bass IMHO...the Totem's that lack in bass quantity are Arro floorstanders as well as the bookshelves other than the Mani-2. The rest of the Totem speakers that I've heard have no problem in terms of bass quantity.

FYI, the SHL5 is closer in price to the Mani 2 than to the Model 1. I've heard the SHL5's and Model 1's, and they're not comparable speakers. First off, the presentation is completely different - the Model 1 is a gentle/nimble presentation, whereas the Harbeth is smooth-flowing warm presentation. Secondly, the SHL5 is twice the price of a Model 1 signature. What both have in common is excellent soundstaging.
why have you restricted yourself to "book shelfs"? If you really intend to place them on bookshelfs, then you likely won't find a speaker that provides good bass and belongs on a bookshelf. If you intend to place them on stands, you really should consider Totem's other floor standers - including Arros, Sttafs, Hawks, and Forests. All can be found used for <$2000, all except the Forests can be bought NEW for <$2000. Finally all have excellent bass. Further, they occupy the same of less footprint than a stand mounted bookshelf speaker, AND, you needn't buy a stand - saving at minimum $150.

It's true the Mani-2s have excellent bass (actually excellent everything!), and they can be bought used for <$2000, but they are not a bookshelf speaker. They need a heavy stand. They also need a good deal of power to fully appreciate.
PSB Scynchrony IIB bookshelf speakers have some really good bass, and even the Imagine B's have about 85% of the bass of their big brothers. The former cost $1500, the latter $1000. Unless you listen to a lot of opera or choral music, the latter might be a better deal. I certainly thought so.
Totems have good clean bass in surprising quantities for their size I believe, but at least some of their models are smaller than many at similar price points and that is a handicap in comparison to the best speakers out there in regards to a fulfilling low end.

At competing price points, I think I would lean towards the PSBs as a better value overall, particularly in regards to having a fulfilling low end.
Nola Boxer's have good bass and cost $1500.