totem arros and amplification

Soliciting advice on integrated amp power requirement to drive totem arro speakers @ 4 ohms and a relatively inefficient speaker.  Setup in standard size living room with medium height vaulted ceiling, Mexican floor tile, room isn’t treated, 1 wall is mostly glass(floor to ceiling) to the outside. Open floor plan to kitchen and connecting family room through 2 arches and hallway. Considering rogue Sphinx v2 hybrid,[email protected] ohms/[email protected] ohms. Mostly intended for TT setup but will probably  add a Schiit’s DAC to play iOS music files from iMac. Like the totem sound and slender floor standing profile, I understand they like power although I’m not going to play super loud. Appreciate your input.
The Sphinx is a good choice!
Naim Nait 5Si matches beautifully with the Arros. For what it’s worth, the little woofers will be the upper cap on achievable loudness, not the amount of amplifier power with either of these two amps.
Thanx for your responses and the remark about what factors produce “loudness” I’ll look in the Naim Nait 5Si amp.

Demo/used Ayre AX-7e

Belles Aria integrated.

Thanx 2leftears, was completely unaware of Power Modules USA and the Belles Aria amp, what a wonderfully constructed piece of electronics, I might buy one even without listening based on industry descriptions and reviews. It’s 2x the price of a demo Sphinx v2 so it’s a little hard to justify based on value return. It does sound like a nearly perfect SS integrated for analogue use. Have you ever heard one? The problems with forums is that you come to want audio pieces you never knew existed. Closest dealer in SoCal lists the amp for $2300. 
Bought mine used on Audiogon with zero regrets.  There is currently one on site for $1375.  Great great amp.

@aztec76 I own the preamp + monos combo, and won't be changing them any time soon.  But I think more people buy the integrated than anything else.
Thank you both for your responses, that amp just might serve my audio needs for a very long time.