Totem Arros and 40 watts.

Hey anyone try to pair Totem Arros w/ a 40-45 watt tube a Primaluna Prologue 2 or Cayin TA30.... something like that? Smallish room 15'x 15-20', enough power?

thanks in advance
Not the Arros, but I'm powering Sttafs with a TAD 60 amp set in Triode mode which is ~30 w/c. It's plenty of power.

My room is 12x12 though. In a room 15x20 the Arros will get lost unless you have a Sub.
i used a jolida 1301 hybrid integrated amp with the arros for a while and the combination worked well in my old 12 x 13 den. the prima luna would also be a good fit. i am using the jolida 1301 now to power a pair of totem taw 6.5 inwalls with a subwoofer in my new den. you would need a couple of good subs with the arros in a larger room.
The Arros will go astonishingly deep for their size but I think they need a pretty robust, high current amp to do it. Of course, room acoustics will be a huge factor, too.
I am running the Arros with a Cayin TA30 in a smallish room. It sounds nice, but the Arros are actually quite inefficient and benefit from an amplifier that increases output into low impedances (I confirmed this experimenting with an older Yamaha M-60; not the most refined amp, but the extra grip and dynamics was noticeable). The Arro/Cayin combo sounds great with a lot of music, but if I was determined to keep the Arros I would definitely ditch the Cayin and probably get something like Belles separates or a Plinius integrated on the used market.

Hope this helps.
The Arro's will work well with 40-50 watts of tube amplifications. I like the Jolida 302b (around 50W) for a great bang for the buck synergy with the Arro's.
I haven't heard a Cayin or TAD.

Hmmm... maybe I'll have to try Totem's 8 ohm offerings. I just like the look of the Arros.. and had a set of mites a while back and think totem's will do well with some of the Chinese tube amps..

I think the sttafs are 8 ohms and might be cheaper.

thanks to those who responded.
Sttafs are 8 ohms, and a couple hundred $ more than the arros.
i'm not saying that the arros would not benefit with more power, they will. but they can be driven with a small integrated with good results. i have owned many pairs of totem (model 1's, arros, inwalls) and now multiple pairs of mani 2's, and i have to say that the arros are probably the easiest totem speaker to drive. the model 1's and the mani's need the best amps with large amounts of power to do them justice. i have heard the prima luna integrated drive a pair of arros with very nice results also.