Totem Arro vs Revel Concerta F12

I am considering these two to buy. Any experts here can help me with some recommendations? Thanks a lot.
No expert here, but a couple of years ago I researched speakers for a
second system and the Arro's and Revel's were on the list. I never heard
the Revels, but for whatever it is worth, had formed an opinion based on
reviews and comments (probably a mistake). I decided on the Arro's
because a friend decided to sell his pair and the amplification that I
intended to use seemed like a perfect match. I drive the Arro's with a pair
of Meitner MTR101 mono's which can drive just about anything, and are
known for being dynamic and have generous bass output and control; I
thought it would be a match made in heaven. I now know the sound of the
Arro's well and can tell you that many of it's well-documented virtues are
true: surprisingly refined midrange and highs, and very nice sound staging.
But, I find them to be very lean sounding and dynamically polite; there is
simply not enough dynamic contrast with these speakers. The bass, while
surprisingly extended for such a small driver, is inconsistent in my set-up;
in spite of a lot of experimentation with placement. I always experience a
dip and lack of power in the upper bass and lower midrange, and a
general lack of verve in that range. I know the speaker has a lot of fans
and some will probably disagree with my findings, but if I had to do it all
over again, I probably would look at other options. I am underwhelmed
overall, especially considering all the great press the speaker has
received. Good luck, and I hope my comments are of some use and
remember that many are very happy with the speaker and I am comparing
it to a much larger and full range primary system.
I have the Arros as well, but they definitely need a sub if you want appreciable bass (I have the Storm). If you look around, you can find measurements for both speakers and it appears that the F12's have a flatter response and more bass, but I would add that may be misleading, given that the charts haven't been done in identical listening conditions.
Frogman, a good sub mated to those Arros would solve your bass-shy problem. And it would free-up the Arros to concentrate on the mids and treble. A Velodyne DD-12 or DD-15 would seem to be a good way to go...

Hi RW, I have no doubt a good sub would help the bass shyness; I own a Strata III that I will try at some point. I haven't yet because it's not a viable long term solution for me, as I don't want another box as part of this system in this space; small(ish) and simple was the goal.

Even though I know very well to try before judging, I have my doubts about this as a solution (for me) to this problem. I have two very different speakers in my main rig: a large full range system (Paragon Regent), and Stax F-81 electrostats. The Stax are even more limited in bass EXTENSION than the Arro's, but they are much more satisfying in the bass. They have a correct fullness in the lower midrange and upper bass that the Arro's lack; not to mention wonderful dynamic movement (within a somewhat narrow range). In order to fill out the lower midrange/upper bass with a sub one would have to crossover at a very high frequency; probably not a great thing. Worth trying 'though.

Revel F-12's......... They are fantastic speakers, and an absolute amazing value. Search here on Audiogon, and read my threads about them. I listened to them side by side with the Arro's during my long and enjoyable "search for new speakers" and overwhelmingly prefer the Revels. Good Luck and Happy Listening.
Thank you all for the valuable opinion. It seems Revel may suit me. Many comments say Arro is good at bass though it is a slim one. But if it compare with Revel it may not that well.
Any one has suggestion on where to buy the Concerta F12? Thanks a lot
The Revel website has a dealer search tab. Enter your zip code and find the dealer closest to you. Good Luck and Happy Listening.
A couple of points,

I'm right behind you, as I have rearrange my listening space for more room for speakers. I'll wait a bit, as the new Revel line is coming out now, so it may be worth waiting to see how the F206 shapes up.

I would keep a contingency fund for a sub if you want deep bass. The F12's might meet your needs without though.

F12's come up used on a regular basis, and I suspect the dealer demos will show up soon.

P.S. Totem Bass is fast and quick; just not enough. I blew two woofers before I got the sub.
If you like the sound of the Arro, you might also consider another model of Totem speakers. I auditioned the Arro last year, along with the Sttaf and Rainmaker. Each of the speakers sounded quite different but the Rainmaker had the best overall balance of virtues, IMO, including more weight in the lower range than the Arro and more detail and life than the Sttaf. BTW, later when I added a LossLess DFPC original power cord to the system, the Rainmakers sounded much more dynamic... even at lower volumes. Compact and easy to drive, too.
I think the Revels are better than The Arros, but if you have the dough the new revels will probably kill the f12s, and from what I have been reading about them, probably kill a lot of speakers much more expensive.
What do you think the price new revels?
they are offering two towers, the smaller one is 3,000 retail, the larger one is 5,000 a pair.
Dang, you can buy a pretty good sub for that $2000 difference!
yes you could. the extra two grand gives you a bigger cabinet, duel 8 woofers instead of 6.5 and bi-wire capability with room contour settings for bass and treble, the smaller revel has only one set of binding posts and no contour switches.
Ahh, wasn't aware of those pluses for the bigger model. Guess it depends on personal preference. I have always been a sucker for big tower speakers.