totem arro's or B&W 604 s2's

I have a nice entertainment room set up and have this currently in the room. 10' x 10' spare bedroom.

samsung 46" led lcd hdtv running to a marantz 2265b reciever powering a set of klipsch heresy speakers.

Gaming p.c., p.s.3, and xbox 360 running into the samsung hdtv's other hdmi ports and the sound from the t.v. on these sources run to a marantz 2220b reciever that powers a set of quad 11L monitors.

I would like to move the klipsch heresy's to another room to use with a panny 42" plasma and am looking for a set of decent speakers to replace them with in this current room.

There is a decent deal on a pair of totem arro's and a very good deal on a set of B&W 604 s2's that I can get localy...... they will be powered with the same 70's vintage 2265b marantz ( I have a vintage sansui au-517 integrated amp also)...... so which speakers would you choose and why?

I prefer the top end and vocals from Totem to B&W.
I haven't heard the B&W's but the Arro is a very sweet speaker. Don't think you can go wrong with them, and their resale value on A'gon is good.
Strictly a preference issue, But I must say I have demoed them both and done an A/B,( not series 2 rather the 683 very similar) . I found the B&W disappointing. They sounded a little bright in comparison and had a flabby low end. A very forward presentation. There was something missing and after 20 minutes I just wanted to get out of the room. They were quite fatiguing. The totems, on the other hand, sounded warmer, more relaxed, and certainly imaged like a beast. Just my 2 cents, if you can arrange for an A/B go for it. If not I would suggest listening to the B&W for at least 15 minutes; a quick audition may not reveal their weakness.

i thought the B+W's (floor standers; can't remember which, maybe the 604s) were bright. totally wrong for my ears. and that was on equipment the dealer thought matched them well. then i listened to the Hawks and was sold. i'm still working on finessing (need a better DAC and better pre-tubes), but I'm very happy. Great with vinyl. Accurate. Haven't heard the Arro's.

I really think some of these dealers have bad auditioning room. half were carefully put together and the rest were odd shaped caverns or reflective boxes.