Totem Arro Placement

Fellow Totem Arro owners, just curious as to how you have them set up in your listening room, what distances from rear wall, from each other, from listening position, toe in etc..

Just curious as to what you find works best for you?
Really not critical in my room, they are against the rear wall, but I use a REL sub with them. Hope this help
i have them 6" out from each corner in my den. slight toe in. no sub needed here. mostly listen to jazz, blues, and new age while working/playing on the computer.
Totem Arro's are not fussy when it comes to speaker placement. I've seen Vince Bruzzese (Totem owner) move the Arro's around (at various shows) with no noticeable change in sound. The trick is to use quality components upstream according to Totem.
As has been said already the Arros are not fussy about where they are put since they seem to dissapear when in use-I demo'd and consequently bought 4 today ;-). The rep from Holland or belgium even turned the Arros around in the Demo room and the change in sound was (almost) non-existant.
I did find that if not placed close to a wall the bass was lacking (personal opinion only) so I bought an ex-demo REL stadium II (that I've had my eye on for a while) since my listening room is quite large and I found that even in the smaller shop demo room the Arros benefitted from a little extra boom provided by the REL.

On the whole I love these speakers and would reccomend them to anybody, I bought 4 and will be using them with my dreamcatcher centre and Stadium II sub in a 5.1 system. For stereo sound I will use the sub as well but only because of the size of my listening room so please do not be put off.
Excellent speakers best suited to small to medium rooms, and placed near a (solid)wall for extra bass.