Totem Arro or Sttaf for Music & Movies

Was wondering how either of these speakers handle doing double duty for home theater and music.
I have a 5.1 setup in my room currently with Mirage OMD-5 fronts and OMD-C1 center, Velodyne sub and Mirage surrounds
Room is 13' x 14' x 8.5' ceiling

I barely have room for floor standers due to my AV cabinet and a doorway, but i can probably squeeze in something 8" wide or less on both sides of the AV cabinet. I really like the sound of my Mirage's but i've got upgradeitis, so been active eyeing other alternatives, like the Totem Arro or Sttaf.

I've had both the ARROS and FORESTS (individually and also together) in prior systems. Your expectations of a any big performance upgrade success will depend primarily your amp capabilities. Scour the many post here on AGON and Canuckaudiomart for the many posts about how TOTEMS are very power hungry and craving quality build high-current electronics to drive them.

Watts alone are meaningless.

Ignoring their cheap bottom end standmounts in their speaker lineup , I would not buy any of the higher end Totem speakers unless you have the "grunt" in a high-current quality build amp to properly drive them.

If you are looking to just pair them up with a cheap AV receiver in hopes of a big step-up in performance .... good luck on that one - IMO look elsewhere cuz you may be out-of-pocket a lot of $$ and likely very disappointed with the result.
Both will need a sub if you want deep bass.
If you teally like the sound of the Mirages, like you stated, maybe acoustic panels and bass traps will be a bettrr upgrade for you; especislly if your speakers are close to walls and an entertainment center.