totem arro drivers

has anyone had to to replace blown spkrs.[woofer] in arro's and found a suitable replacement other than from totem ?based on past experience,there prices seem high.
It uses an MB Quart woofer and should be a good deal cheaper than Dynaudios pro type drivers.
I have replaced my mid/bass woofer twice. The problem with replacing them with other woofers is that Totem actually have them made to their specifications. For the record, these units are not MB Quarts but Peerless drivers. Trust me, I thought I would get them direct from Peerless or one of their distributors but when I looked closely I noted that there were some differences which may have an effect on the sonics. I did not want to take the chance and ended up buying replacement drivers from Totem.
found mb was not maker of this woofer.had to buy direct from totem distributor.surround on spkr.seperated from basket,appeared to be manufacture fault.totem was un-willing to help in any way.spkr.was still in 5 yr.warranty time,althought i was not orig. purchaser.cost,120.00+ship.
I've seen Totem divers at They use whatever is cheapest.
From everything I've heard, including 2 Totem dealers, Totem wants nothing to do with people who buy second hand from anywhere other than authorized dealers. They take very good care of people who buy from authorized dealers - new and used. One dealer stated that they repaired a speaker free of charge for a guy who bought a traded in speaker because he went through the dealer. The original warantee was up a few months before hand. Had I not known the dealer reasonably well and/or he was trying to sell me Totems, I'd have written it off as salesman BS.

In fairness to Totem, they're a very good company who goes the extra mile for their customers. While I think they should do a little more to help people who bought their stuff second hand, I understand why they don't. They're trying to protect their dealers.

if a problem can be determined to be a manufacture defect and item is in warranty period,what harm is it to a dealer if totem stands behind ther there a down-side.i think they could learn a lesson from some-one like gary at placette audio.