Totem Arro and Rainmaker... other speakers?


I found a thread on this from a couple years ago, but it seemed to mostly focus on the posters query about setting the rainmakers on their side, so I'm throwing this question again. Totem Arros vs. Rainmakers, or what some good alternative would be. I'm thinking about one of these two, but am looking for other ideas as well.

I just finally got a chance to audition the totems and both of these I found to be quite stunning. I loved the Arros the really open, clear, and how they completely disappeared in the room. With the Rainmakers, I was impressed by weight of the bass for the price/package.

I'm interested in hearing any thoughts on these two speakers from other users, or for any ideas of speakers that have the detail and transparency of the Arros, but with a little more of the weighty bass of the rainmakers, at times the bass seemed a little sloppy sounding, but it wasn't too bad for my tastes. I am leaning towards the Arros: they're stunning to look at, with amazing sound, and the very forgiving placement will be an asset in my room, but I fear I might start to miss some of the bass I was feeling with the Rainmakers. Kind of the best of both worlds, and not something I may find, but looking.

I'm looking for this same price point, or less (these are already topping my budget out) new or used. I have a pretty small room (15 x 17). My system is a monarchy SM-70, a Forte F-40, and music hall mmf-2 w/ clearaudio aurum classic.
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I would go with the Arros - a truly amazing speaker!

If you are lacking bass, add a DreamCathcer Sub as funds allow.

Another option - have you listened to the Sttaf? They have a lot of bass for their size, but do give up some resolution and transparency to the Arro. Probably worth an audition w/ the situation you're in.
I'm very familiar with the sonic characteristics of both of those speakers, and I don't think you can go wrong with either. The rainmakers have a more full sound, the Arro's more lean. The Arro's have better imaging (very above average in this department), and, as you've noticed, are very clear and detailed.

It comes down to personal taste. My listening preferences tend to go with the Arro (but a warmer tube amp I find best with the Arro's).

thanks for the input here. anyone out there with some suggestions of other speakers?
I have the Arro's and love them. As I used to sell Totem I've had several side by side listening with Arro vs. Rainmaker. I MUCH prefer the Arro's. I found the Rainmakers sounded 'off' like something was missing sound wise.

Fill the Arros with shot if you want a little more bass!
I run the Arros with a Myriad intergrated (2nd the warm amp as the arros can be a little bright).
I agree with Freeryder - I prefer the Arros way over the Rainmakers.

I was considering the Arros, but ended up with Ohm MicroWalsh Talls.
Both disappear and have bass that defies their cabinet size. The deciding factor for me was mid-range performance. That little driver on the Arros fell a little short with complex music, or when the volume got high.

Not quite as hip looking, but I found the Ohms just a touch better to my ears.
You need to try the Quad 21L2 or 22L2 floor standers.
I can second the Sttafs. I found them to be a very reasonable compromise between transparency and fullness. I'd say you'd lose 10% of the absolute clarity of the Arros, but in exchange you gain a lot more range and depth.
Like Freeryder (with whom I used to work), I'm a big fan of what the Arros deliver out of such a tiny box and driver.

That said the Sttaf can be very nice, surprisingly even, when paired with the right amplifier. Freeryder might remember a demo set up we did where the Sttaf actually sounded better hooked up to an inexpensive Yamaha RX-777 integrated than they did with the Parasound P3/A23 that we normally kept in the Totem room
funny that this thread came back after a couple of months as I JUST got a pair of Totems after a couple of months of indecision and alternate routes (including a brief experiment with some Omega's which did not work out so well).

I now have a pair of the Arros and a pair of Meadowlark Vireos which I am comparing over the next couple weeks until one wins out, at which point I will unload one of them.

They're an odd pair to compare as they are so totally different from each other, but fun to listen to both. And yes, those Arros still amaze be for how small they are. But what amazes me more is how forgiving they are of everything: bad recordings, not ideal placement, they don't seem to blink an eye.