Totem Amber and Mani-2

Hi, does anyone have experience of the integrated amplifier Totem Amber together with Totem Mani-2. I can´t find any info about this integrated. How does it sound and is it a god match for the Mani-2s?
best regards
I have a amber amp and mani-2 signatures.Amber drives the speakers no prob and sound fantastic.I'm very happy with the system. Also running Sim audio line filter /AC supply, Arcam DV 79 DVD audio/cd player and music hall mmf 7 turntable /Redgum phono pre.
But when I wrote to Totem asking about amps for the Mani-2 they told me that the Amber didn't have enough power to handle them.
best regards
That is strange as Vince at totem sold me the amber amp with the Mani's. He recomended the Amber to drive the mani's. I would say it drives them fine and have never had to exceed 70% of the Volume.