Total upgrade- dilema

I was impressed with ML Acsent/CJ/Sony SACD-1 combo and am/was tempted to try to move away from boxed speakers. Than, friend of mine took me to his friend to hear some Beahorn Virtuoso's/DIY SET/ Kuzma-Wadia. I felt that classical music never sounded so real. Just as impressed as with ML ! If i could combine those two, i believe it would be near perfect sound! Equaly impressed with two different worlds of design!
Own Dynaudio 3.0/Plinius 100mkII/ Sony SACD-1 in 24x 13 room.
There's more than one way to skin a cat. Or there are many roads to Nirvana. Or whatever cliche you want to use. No one type of system has a "lock" on greatness, but they all do have their particular strengths and weaknesses, because nothing is perfect, and systems are different. The "art" to system assembly, is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of particular types or items, and combine them to minimize the weaknesses that you are sensitive to, and maximize the strengths that you desire. You cannot achieve total perfection in this, nobody does. But you can get close enough to make you very happy with your result. This takes time, study, listening, and effort to accomplish. I think that this is one of the more interesting aspects of our hobby, and am glad that it is difficult to do. It makes it more rewarding when you get it right. If it were very easy, it wouldn't be much of a hobby.

For what it's worth, I took the SET/ Lowther single-driver speaker route. For me, that was the right road. For others it may be different.
If only we had enough $$$ and room for (mood) systems, when I hit big in the lotto, Watch out!
Yes, I believe you have to find your own version of what works. I went from speakers with cones, to ribbons, to electrostatics over a twenty year period. I also went from solid state to tubes. I ended up with Logans/CJ/Sony SACD and am very satisfied and it works for me and my room. However, I am aware of some awfully good stuff besides my preferences. I heard Avalon Eioldons (sp?) at a friends and thought they sounded magnificent. I also miss the flat out efficiency and dynamics of my old JBL monitors when I want to listen to the Stones loud.

Listen, please yourself, and enjoy the search
If you're looking for alternatives to dynamic driver based systems check out the OSKAR spkrs. See them at They're the best kept secret in audio. Yes I am the distibutor , but believe me I'm doing you a favor by letting you know about these great spkrs.