Toslink VS. Coax For Transport to DAC

I hear differing opionions on this subject. I.E. Toslink is more liquid sounding while Coax is better focused. What is your opinion?
You are going to have to experiment. Some manufactors provide better optical connections than others with some neglecting the toslink because the coax is more common. I observed exactly what you have read though in my system with the Toslink being more liquid but it lacked the detail of the coax. I was suprised to find that I actually prefered the 40.00 Lat International tollink to a 160.00 Wireworld silver starlight coax. I am using a Calfornia Audio Labs surround processor for digital to analog conversion and a Pioneer Elite dvd player as a transport. This is counter to what I have read should be the case.
The coax is going to be superior bandwidth, and therefore show more detail. The quality of the coax, the measured impedance, plug construction and assembly quality will all play a role in the sound. There is less difference in the Toslink versions, so experimentation among the various coax cables will be necessary before you can really say you have heard the comparison. As stated in many other posts on this site, the Belden 8281 precision video cable makes an incredible digital coax. It is a true 75 ohms, and is about a dollar a foot. The only way to keep the signal a true 75 ohms at the termination (connector) is to use BNC. Unfortunately, most home audio gear uses RCA for this connection. Pick a good OFC connector, make up a set and give it a try. We are talking very little money here for this test, and I think this version will make you happy.
FYI Toslink has a bandwidth of 6Mhz versus 500Mhz for coax. Toslink is widely regarded as the poorest possible digital connect if you're pursuing musical perfection.
neither is as sonically satisfying as aes/ebu or glass optical. if you don't have those choices, go with coax, but try for 6 nines quality if you want the best (e.g., acrotec digital line cable).
I agree with Comfedboy. AES/EBU is the best and AT&T glass and coax are next. I think some get confused about glass Toslink is low fi mass market crap, whereas AT&T glass (different physical connection and receiver) is respectable.