Toslink vs. Coax

I recently purchased a DPA Bigger Bit DAC for my DPA Renaissance player...

As far as the Deltran connection goes, I only have the option of using fiber to link the two, but what about the output to the DAC? Should I just go ahead and link those connections with fiber? Are there noticeable differences between the two?

Thanks a ton guys,
Coax has been consistently voted as being the better of the two connections. To my ears coax is much better sounding than Toslink.
Try it both ways. Most systems are not sensitive enough for you to tell the differance. Since there doe seem to be a tilt toward coax, you probably might feel better using coax on your primary feed, which I assume is your CD player and then you can use toslink for your DVD, Satellite or whatever.

My own toslonk is a glass one from wireworld and i use Acoustic Zen for coax.
Cheaper units i.e. many DVD players used as transports benefit from a good quality Toslink in my experience. Compared to an equivalently priced coaxial cable, the sound is typically far smoother and more refined. I think that a lot of this has to do with the fact that many inexpensive "all in one box" redbook players and most DVD players have very high jitter when used as a transport and are also more sensitive to signal reflections on the line. Toslink's don't suffer from this like coaxial cables do. As such, i would try a Toslink if you're in the above boat. Otherwise, a good coaxial cable "should" work better if the gear is well designed and built to the same standards. Sean
I'm not using a DAC for my TT. Should I? :)