Toslink to SPDIF RCA digital converter

Suppose you had a transport that only had a Toslink out (and a transport that you were loath to get rid). And suppose you had a DAC that only had a digital RCA (SPDIF) in. I know there are converters such as the one listed below, which allow for a change in socket type, but is there on that was considered audiophile quality and did not “color” or degrade the signal in any way.
Monarchy audio DIP provides de-jittering and conversion of format, and can be had for as little as $100 used.
I have one and it works quite well in my modest system.
I have two units that do the same. The first is a Theta Timebase Linque Conditioner that is both a jitter reducer as well as converts toslink to SPIDF. It has an optical and SPIDIF input and SPIDIF only output. It runs used from $130-$250. The second is the Genesis Digital Lens which is an entirely different animal. I won't go into explanations except that it reclocks and eliminates transport jitter. It also has multiple input and output types. I love the lens and it improved my system greatly. Do a search on Agon for any of these units for more detailed analysis.

Good hunting
I don't remember the 'Lense' had a toslinc;but hey,I'm old.
If you want a cheap option, look at the M-Audio C02. Bidirectional conversion with two in, two out. I used to use one for conversion of signals from my PS2 and XBox.
It's only money! Buy a new transport.
The CHEAPEST way to go without sacrificing quality was a device made by Audio Alchemy called a Data Stream Transciever Cable. It was/is a powered cable (uses a wall wart) and had a toslink and coax input on one side and a coax on the other. Its main use was coax to coax but could also "turn" a toslink signal into coax as well. It think you can pick one up for well under $100. I used it years ago with a laserdisc player I had at the time to send the digital signal to my DAC - it only had an optical out. I later used it with a newer laserdisc player a couple of years later that had a coax out. In that set up I used it as a pure coax cable. I found it to be a really good digital cable. You can probably find one on eBay or here on the 'Gon. They pop up from time to time. - Tony
The digital Lens does indeed have a toslink input.
The DIP has sonic benefits in addition to the "format" change. Highly recommended. Only downside is that you need two digital cables.