Toslink to mini optical cable suggestions.

I'm in the market for an optical cable to run between an Apple Airport Express and a Benchmark DAC-1.

I've used a Nordost Whitelight with an adapter, but I've never been fond of the Toslink to Mini adapter. Since I moved some things around it no longer reaches so I need a longer cable.

Ideally, I would like to find a cable at least 10 feet long with toslink on one end and mini on the other.
I am not aware of any solution other than the mini to toslink adapter.

As for the best Toslink cables I like the following:

Audioquest - all - particularly Optilink 5
IXOS Ixotica
Wireworld Supernova 5+

good luck!
Van Den Hul has a mini to Toslink cable (Optolink??) but I think the longest run is 2m
You can find this cable type on monoprice, I've looked before. It won't be audiophile approved, but it'll have the terminations you require.
Thank you all for your replies.

I had already been looking at Audioquest with a monster cable adapter since it looks better made than what I currently have.

Since I'll be listening primarily to streaming internet radio as opposed to Lossless iTunes, audiophile approved cable is not a requirement. Besides, I heard no difference between the $80 Nordost Whitelight and a $5.99 toslink cable from eBay thru the DAC1. No flames please! :-)
MOST non-glass fiber toslink will result in the same sound.

The cables I listed above are a definitive step above normal toslink, but they are not cheap.