Toslink/ SPDIF from ipod or mac computer

Trying the digital approach with my music. I picked up a Monarchy Model 22 DAC. My issue is that I have a Imac computer(20-inch Late 2006) and a Redwine audio Imod. The issue is my desk with the iMac is across the room from my stereo. Should I find a Toslink cable that long enough to reach or is there a cable that will allow me to hook the imod into my DAC. Thought about going wireless but the budget dosent allow for me to purchase a wireless solution at this time. So someone please guide me with which way to go with what I have.

It would be cheap and simple to try the long Toslink cable as a starting point. Monoprice has good quality cables of all kinds at excellent prices. On that page scroll down to the third section, Toslink to Mini Plug, and pick a length that will work across your room.

I know you said you can't afford a wireless solution but a relatively inexpensive way to do that would be to find a previous generation used Airport Express on craigslist or ebay and a mini-Toslink to Toslink cable. The only issue with the older 802.11g Airport Express is that you might get interference from a portable phone or microwave but changing the channel with the Airport utility software will almost always fix that. 802.11g is fast enough for music streaming.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the iMod output.