Toslink Port Cover Plugs?

Hello all, Does anyone know of a source where one could acquire the little black plastic plugs that plug in, and cover-seal a Toslink's Port on the rear of Transports, and DAC's?
Thanks, Mark
I dont,but if I needed one in the morning ,I would stop by Best Buy,Circuit City and borrow one for awhile,good luck,Bob
Radio Shack. If they don't have the actual filler plugs get a toslink cable and cut the ends off, that would give you 2 of them.
Usblues, please elaborate.
Bubble gum should do the trick.
Seriously though, how many do you need? I have a couple in a coffee mug full of odds and ends.
Usblues "might" be referring to a "5-finger discount". lol Certainly wouldn't want to see my name in the paper, over a .10 cent piece of plastic! ;-)

I actually need two, as I have them missing off of a couple of pieces of vintage CAL Audio digital gear.

Yes, gum, tape, and such would-could work, but would prefer finding "somewhat" proper pieces for this gear. Mark
Are you afraid all of your digital is leaking out?
Tongue in cheek was the cover here,sorry for the lowly pun,its the weekend and I'm reduced to a warrior these days,cheers,Bob
Why worry about????put a piece of tape over it!!