Toslink or coax?

Which is better? I need to buy some digital cables for a HT setup. Is the Toslink connector not as good, otherwise they are the same baisc cables? I'm also looking for some more opinions on 'good value' brands. I need:
-3 10' digital cables
-1 3' digital cable

I was thinking along the lines of Blue Jeans or lower cost Audioquest stuff.


My tests always came out in favor of the coax over Toslink.

As for brand, Blue Jeans is excellent and VERY inexpensive. About $15.50 for a nine foot run, complete with terminations.
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I've found all of the cables I need on the Blue Jeans site and went coax on all but one of the digitals. It's for an Xbox and I need toslink there. I'm confused about which cable that is from the Blue Jeans site? Any ideas which one for a toslink application? Also, is getting the cables the best (least$) way or are there other dealers out there?

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Here is the link to Blue Jeans digital cables (Coax). They do not offer Toslink to my knowledge.

Blue Jeans

These are about as inexpensive as I have seen. I have their video and digital coax cables and feel they are unbeatable for the price. There are better digital coax cables but you need a very high end digital rig to justify the investment (in my opinion).
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If I were to step it up a bit, what brand should I look to? You can see my modest system in my 'System' link. I don't want to go overboard but understand the need for quality cables.

I have had great results with e-ticketcables. They are sold here on audiogon. The prices are very nice for the quality of cable you are getting.
I would not upgrade beyond the Blue Jeans if I were you.

I have four digital cables and tests with my Sony and Scott Nixon tube DAC show shockingly little difference until you get to the VERY expensive Purist Audio Digital ($1400.00 retail).

In other words, my digital improves about the same as the cable equals the cost of the entire digital system. That makes about as much sense as running Dynaco's and buying Valhalla to wire to the speakers ($4200.00 cable on $600.00 amps).

Don't get me wrong, I am one of those guys that really believe in cable, just look at what's in my own system. I'm just saying keep the cable investment in line with the associated equipment.

Assuming you still have the equipment listed in your virtual thread, the Blue Jeans will likely provide all you need. If your obsessed with the idea of a test, buy the Blue Jeans for $15.00 and leave a deposit with a couple of local dealers and do a shoot out.
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You're right, I want to keep my cables in line with the rest of my equipment. That's my main goal here. Again, I believe in using quality cables but I don't want to get out of hand $$wise. I'm wondering if I should just go a little further with my Sony 777ES->Arcam AVR300 digital connection (using the Arcam's DACs?) for those times that I plan on dedicated two channel listening? I also have some Kimber Silver Streak RCA interconnects that I could use separately to the CD input but I though using the Arcam's DACs would be better. I do plan on upgrading my main speakers soon (Legacy Sig III's?). Sure I'll replace my other components as better stuff comes out but basically the rest of the equipment in my setup will most likely always be the same level (quality/$$wise) of what I have now. I usually upgrade incrementally like my recent Arcam/Nakamichi AVR swapout. I also recently went from a Sony 7700ES/7ES(5 disc) to my 777ES and from my ole 27" XBR to the 60XS.

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Scott, I am not familiar enough with your equipment to give any better answer. As suggested in my last post, the only way to be sure is invest $15.00 for the Blue Jeans digital and then borrow some big name, high priced digital links from a friend or dealer and go with whichever works best.

I'm all for listening to determine if the value is there. I suspect the Arcam DAC will sound different. You must decide if better.