simple there an audible difference in the quality of these cables?  Recommendation?

Something like this is very good no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an optical cable. To answer your question no you will most likely not hear any differences between optical cables unless they are broken.
I have definitely heard differences between a low cost plastic monofilament toslink and a Lifatec glass fiber toslink.  I have heard differences between both toslink types and various COAX cables.  It really depends on your ears and the resolution of your audio equipment.
+1 on the Lifatec cable which sounded quite a bit better than Amazon Basics cable.
I bought a Glass brand toslink cable, which cost very little by comparison to the big audiophile names and there was a significant improvement. I didn’t want to spend a lot because it just runs between my tv and sound bar but the difference was so great, that I had to significantly readjust all of my sound levels.