Toslink they make a difference?

Hello fellow Audiogoners. I would like to pose a few questions regarding Toslink cables. Do they make a significant impact in sound, as perhaps speaker cables would in a system. Also does the composition of the cable make a difference, i.e. glass vs polymer. I have a streamer connected to my amplifier via a Toslink cable. Any recommendations before I consider trying to upgrade the cable with little return on my investment. Thanks for your comments.

Don't like toslink but glass is better than polymer. To many additional conversions going on in toslink at the sending end and the receiving end. Coax or aes/ebu is much better
Alan thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
Coax might be better in somebody’s system but another person might have the opposite experience. Toslink might be better when you have long connections, ambient electrical noise or ground loops. Coax might be better when you have system noise. Typical coax should be either very short <1ft or long >1.5m to minimize jitter caused by reflections in the cable. Reflection occur on boundaries of characteristic impedance. Because of that cheaper cable might be a better fit than expensive cable (better matching characteristic impedance). It is a system thing and what works for one person may not work for another, unless they have identical systems in the same room.
Our advice is always based on our experience in our own system. If all we say is it is system dependent there would be recommendations ever given
One word- Lifatec. Optical experts, awesome service & excellent products. 
Ahendler, that's true but you can discuss matching between speakers and amplifiers, pre and power amp or compare sound of CDPs or DACs.  In case of S/Pdif cable it depends on so many factors that comparison is next to impossible.

- Characteristic impedance matching of 3 components
- Ambient electrical noise
- Slew rate of the source
- Length of the cable
- Ground loops
- System noise
- Quality of shielding

Any of the above, or any combination of them can affect amount of jitter.  Also type of the jitter, low or high frequency correlated or not, plays role.


Lifatec are excellent optical cables and reasonable on the wallet.
Glasslined is the way to go in optical cables if you are looking at something else. 

Happy hunting
Not trying to solicit you to buy.But I have three toslinks available. One from Unique Products(1 mtr.), one from Kimber Opt 1 (2 mtr.),and one Audioquest Vodka (.75mtr). They sound completely different from each other with the Unique being very detailed / upfront,and the Kimber being laid back / relaxed,but not lacking detail. The Audioquest being the most neutral / accurate. I prefer the Kimber sonics.I have also tried a Lifatec, and the one from DH Labs.They all sound different from one another,and all have their strengths and weaknesses, it just depends on your preferences. Hopes this helps you a little.
Thanks so much to everyone for their comments and advise. Very much appreciated. I will probaly try an upgraded Toslink glass cable and compare with coax and see the difference in my system. 

Best to all