Toslink Cables

What are you people using for Toslink cables and who makes a better cable. I am looking for a high quality Toslink cable to use between a Mac Mini and a DAC a Cal Alpha with a 24/96 upgrade with a Toslink input . I am looking at a Nordost White light Glass fiber toslink cable anybody use this cable or the Audioquest glass fiber cable ? Both of the cables are Toslink and not ATT ST cables. Thanks Marc
I'm using a glass Toslink cable between an Airport Express and Benchmark DAC that I bought here from member Captnstarstripe. It's nicely made and seems to work perfectly. I think it's a real bargain at $40.

I also use the Glass Toslink from member Captnstarstripe. It's a nice cable and a great value. You are welcome to borrow mine to demo it in you system if you want to try it before plopping down your $40. I bought mine a few years ago based on a review on AA.


I had always liked the wireworld cable. then Steve from The Cable Company loaned me one made by Cardas from his cable lending library. It sounded warmer and, even at the higher price, I bought one from him.
I also have had excellent experience with the Glass Toslink cable. I have one that I bought from Captnstarstripe and a longer one from They appear to be the same cable, except for length and price. This is high quality cable with 280 glass (not plastic) fibers.

I recently received a Glass Toslink from member Captnstarstripe. I was wondering if these toslink cables require any burn-in and if so, how long ?
I was wondering if these toslink cables require any burn-in and if so, how long ?

No burn in is required. If you have a jitter problem then obvioulsy a cable change coudl make an audible difference and it will take some listening time to get familiar with the new sound.

FWIW: If you do hear an improvement after changing the digital cable then it is possible you still have a jitter interface problem that has not been fully adressed. You may suspect the source or the DAC jitter immunity as being inadequate and try to go from there (if you think about it theoretically and assume you had perfect equipment then it would not matter one wit what model optical cable you used - any high quality glass cable would sound the same)