Toslink cable that isn't prone to jitter, possible?

Hi All,

So I have an ancient Pioneer PD-F908 cd carousel. I just recently added the Schiit Bifrost 2 as my DAC, WOW! What a difference! However I tend to get some jitter now and then which from what I understand is normal when using Toslink (Coax is not an option with this cd player). I have read that the DH Labs Glass Master Toslink or the Lifatec Premium Silflex would be the way to go. I am currently using the Voodoo Lightwave Fiber Optic. This is my first DAC and also the first time I've gone Toslink. Again what the Bifrost has done is incredible, I am just hoping to eliminate the occasional jitter and heard these 2 cables may do it...Switching the cd player is not an option. I need a carousel and love this unit!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
I haven't listened to a carousel for a while. The best multi-disk I've used is a Sony ES series. They are OLD too. I was never a big fan.

Cables ya never know.. a carousel, though. What about a Server? Spend a day moving your CDs over, have a whole lot better source and options for streaming.  Just a thought..

LOL Hope you never have to crack it open to get your CDs back.. I've seen that on Alpines, they are beefy too.. :-)

It's strictly the convenience factor. I don't love it because it's a great sounding unit (and now it doesn't matter as it's just a transport), I love hitting "random" and having it stop anywhere from Clannad to Iron Maiden:)! Plus I never have to get up and change cd's...

I'll always be a cd type of cat man. I'll never do streaming. And I did look into the Bluesound to rip all of my cd's but can't do it as my Router is located on another floor in the house so no connection. 
Transports matter too.  Buy another carousel player and switch to RCA.  Your nice new DAC deserves better anyway.  Better yet, get a Node Vault or Innuos Zen Mini and rip all your CDs into it and plug it into your DAC, then you can put your entire music collection on random instead of just 5 CDs.  Just my $0.02 FWIW. 
Thanks @soix Unfortunately a cd ripper isn't an option as my router is on another floor and cannot be moved. So I have no way to connect either the Node Vault or Innuos. I have been looking for another carousel (need at least 100 disc capacity) that has a Coax out as well. The very few that I have found are either in rough shape or crazy expensive for something that is 20+ years old :( but I'm always on the hunt :)

Thanks for taking the time to respond and for the advice my friend :)
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