Toshiba turntable support/advice

Greetings everyone,

I recently acquired a Toshiba SRF 430 direct drive turntable. So far, everything appears to be functioning normally. This turntable however looked like it spent MANY years in a bar, and was covered with a layer of cigarette smoke residue. I've cleaned all of the outside surface as best as its going to get I think, which was a major improvement. Do I need to be concerned with anything that may have been contaminated inside? Two other things: I would like to lubricate any of the mechanical parts inside that require it; is there any generic guide on how to do this for turntables in general? And finally...what have people used/recommend for replacement turntable feet? The rubber part on these is dried out and gone, And they need to stand about 3 inches tall for the bottom of the motor to clear whatever the turntable is sitting on. Thanks all!

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Toxic, toxic and best moved to a landfill as working on it will compromise your health. Time to revisit Goodwill.
yes take it apart slowly and write down where things go. Clean all tobacco tar using ammonia and re-lube.. and set aside and air out...A clean outside does not guarantee a clean inside bill of of luck.
I use a mix of Distilled water isopropyl alcohol and some dawn dish soap. A similar DIY mix to cleaning albums a white wash cloth and disassemble wiping down each part as I go and drying it with a micro fiber. Lots of digital pictures as I go so I remember how to put it all back. As to lubing on something like that, you'll need to find the main spindle bearing. I use a LARGE hypodermic needle filled with 20w50 synthetic oil to lube it. Less is more. If the arm lift falls too quick it may need something a little different. Don't put the regular oil on it. Look up 500K dif oil for that. All that being said, if it works now with no issues I might be tempted to leave it be and just grease that main bearing and be done with it.