Toshiba SD9200 or Sony ES DVD player

Has anyone auditioned these two, side by side. Your comments would be great.
You may also check out the Shiba sd-6200. Progressive scan for 344 at

I am not affilitated, just bought the machine for a great price.
I own the Sony 9000ES. Great player. Would buy one again. I read a review and they said that the Sony edged out the Toshiba with Progressive video, while the Toshiba edged out the Sony with sound. I must say the video from the Sony is phenominal in progressive. The only thing I can recommend is to demo them both on the same TV. Good Luck.
I have played with the Tosh 9200 and Sony 9000ES. "Disclaimer" I don't any of them so I dont have any interest. I liked the Pic Quality of the Sony hands down.
If you are buying these for DVDA or SACD I would hold off for a universal player...

If you JUST want to have one of the best DVD Players currently available strictly for watching movies, then I don't think you can go wrong with either the Sony DVP-S9000ES or the Toshiba SD-9200. But if you are going to buy one of these for DVD-A or SACD playback, then I am going to concur with "Eyeman". I'll just stick with regular CD's for right now until an agreement as what the next standard in digital audio playback format will be can be reached. Afterwards, I'll would wait until a high quality but affordable universal digital player hits the market.