Toshiba sd9200: analog 2ch or 6 ch for best sound

We have a Toshiba sd9200 and use it for movies (in 2 channel) and for music. After trying many dvd players for good 2 channel sound (Denon dvd5000, sony dvp999es, adcom gvd850 etc.) this has been the best so far. It also plays dvd audio. the question is: if we want to play some dvd audio and mostly regular cd's, will we lose sound quality if i hook it up through the 6 channel analog output in the right and left channels and in the menue turn off the center,surround and subwoofer; or should I just hook up the right and left analog outputs? and if I do that will I lose something on dvd audio? does all of the dvd audio get processed and sent out through the right and left analog or only through the 6 channel analog.
You would actually get better sound through the 6ch inputs because they are completely unprocessed by the receivers dacs. Keep all 6 hooked up for multichannel sound and switch between stereo and multichannel through the dvd player remote/on screen menu.
you answered my post, but i have a question: I don't have a receiver, I use an integrated amp with only analog inputs. I only have 2 channel imputs. so i have to turn all other outputs off in the 6 channel menu. so does your answer still work?
"does all of the dvd audio get processed and sent out through the right and left analog or only through the 6 channel analog"

This is set up through the menus. I sold mine a while back so I'm going from memory, but if you dig through the manual the info is in there.

When I had this player most discs contained the audio in several formats, typically a 2 channel mix at a higher sample frequency and a surround mix at a lower frequency. You had to choose which you wanted from the menus. I too only had a 2 channel system, so I chose the higher resolution 2 channel mix and and, to the best of my recollection, was fed only to the analog outputs.

If you use the 6 channel mix and turn off the unused channels, I think it won't sound right because it was mixed for surround and you would be losing that information. It is also lower resolution.. Most of my discs had the stereo mix but a few were 6 channel only and they didn't sound right when I tried to play them 2 channel.
thanks. je