Toshiba HD vs. Sony Wega

Just bought the Sony Wega (KV36FS10) and am unsure if I should keep it or return it for the Toshiba 36X81 HD ready model.There is about a $400 difference in these two. Would appreciate any owners of these sets to weigh in the pros and cons of both.
I don't know about your area but in Charlotte NC - Best Buy is running a deal on a 36" HD set the oblong dish and the DSS/HDTV decoder box for $2500 installed. Which is not a whole lot more than we paid for our Wegas. Personally I like my Wega better on DSS or DVD material it rivals most anything out there. Then again I'm not so gung-ho for HDTV or a progressive DVD player yet anyway.
I have the 5109 Toshiba progressive DVD player and the 56 inch Toshiba HDTV ready TV. Almost all DVDs have the 480p formate on them and the picture blows away the Wega... BUT playing normal broadcast TV the WEGA is very close for lots less money. I am waiting (Denver area) for HDTV broadcasts to happen (DTV has a few) but again not enough to justify getting into satellite. So now its just DVDs, but they more then justify the digital TV purchase.
Hi, I generally prefer Sony for televisions, but from what I've read (E-town reviews, audioreview, epinions) the Toshiba HD-ready tv is a more capable television. The Toshiba's progressive scan inputs used with progressive scan DVD (be prepared to pay at least $550 for a Progressive scan capable DVD player though) are supposed to be far superior to interlaced output. Also the Toshiba is able to "scale-up" regular interlaced TV broadcasts to progressive, I believe that the process introduces tiny artifacts in high motion scenes but most agree that the improvement in picture quality more than makes up for that. However this is an issue of personal preference. You should take a look at the Toshiba at a local store and see how you feel about it. I personally, am so used to Sony's vertically flat and 'flat' screens that I have reservations about other displays, but I saw an RCA HD-ready TV at a Best Buy store (I am generally neither fond of Best Buy or RCA), but I was quite impressed with the picture quality. It obviously scaled the image to progressive scan, since the scan were MUCH harder to see. I am a college student right now so I watch my tv and dvd's on my computer and although people in this forum may not find that to be exciting, one has to remeber that I get progressive scanned full resolution DVD and progressive upscaled TV, in addition Anamorphic DVDs are played at full resolution since the video setup on most modern computers can display at least 1024x768 resolutions, so the hardware simply squeezes the image without removing lines. So take a look at the Toshiba, and read some reviews about it and make your decision based on what you see. I've heard good things about it, and I was personally swayed to take a look at it for my next TV purchase for me it might be a compromise between the high resolutions that a computer monitor is capable of and the size of a real TV. I'm sorry that I cannot speak from personal experience with the Toshiba, I've only done internet research on the TV. (another thing - the HDTV and DSS HDTV decoder that Simonsez mentioned seems to be the RCA TV I mentioned along with RCA's new $649 - at - HDTV DSS reciever)
I have experience with both and, because I was a Sony employee, was able to purchase any product under dealer cost. I have stayed with the Toshiba line simply because they are a more accurate television set. For around the same amount of $$$, you should consider TRYING to obtain a the Toshiba TW40x81. It's a widescreen TV and is the most friendly for calibration and for Progressive Scan DVD players. (The Sony HD sets will upconvert 480p to 1080i, which will definitely not yeild as good results as native 480p). I asked one of the two people in the US that has the $15,000 color analyzer for the Toshibas what set to get (at any price) and the answer was alwasy the same: TOSHIBA..