Toshiba 9200 vs. Panasonic RP91?

I am condering DVD player between Toshiba 9200 vs. Panasonic 91P. Which is better DVDP for substituting my Arcam 7SE CDP and good source of DVD? Thanks so much in advance.
The Toshiba is better than the 91 but not as good as the Panansonic DVD H 1000 which sold for 2500 but is being closed out for 799 at J&R Music World - call them - they only had three left on Tuesday - the new 2000 model is out and can be gotten for 1599 on PC Mall. It is a great DVD and CD player which also adds DVD Audio which the 1000 doesn't have.
You can get the Toshiba 9200 for about that same price and it has DVD-Audio. It's a great player and it's built like a tank. I've had one for about 8 months and I'm very happy with it.
Go to for personal reviews from owners to get more info on all DVD units - if you like the Toshiba - ONECALL.COM has it new for 899.