Toshiba 4960 as a DVD-A transport

I've been using a 4960 as a DVDA transport but recently it has had some difficulties reading DVD+R and (-R) discs. I get random pops where the player is having dificulties reading. I only play my masters of live performances that I have recorded in 96/24 and transfered via Wavelab to disc.

I did some trouble shooting and it is the player not my DA. There are 3 possibilities to solving the problem on this nearly one year old player:

1) Contact Toshiba and see if they will fix it. I think the warrenty is only 90 days though and when I was having problems with my rear projection they weren't the most consumer friendly people so I think they won't help.

2) Send it in for repair. Although, this is a cheap unit that cost $129 and repairs may cost significantly more.

3) Buy a new unit.

Does anyone have any other thoughts or comments on the above ideas or further thoughts?
Look for Samsung HD 841 on Ebay. it is essentially the same player as the Toshiba 4960, which is a rebadged cheaper version of the Samsung. The Samsung looks nicer, and has a simpler interface with DVD'As and SACDs. It should be available for less than $70. Alternatively, these players respond well to modifications (See
Since the 4690 has a history of crapping out on DVDA's should I realy look at buying another one?
This player definitely has a history of not playing every DVD-A. I would definitely look elsewhere if that is a concern to you.

If not, and you're looking for inexpensive and decent Redbook and SACD, then this player is worth considering, especially if you can handle a soldering iron and are willing to do a few basic mods. They really pay off.

I'm pretty familar with the mods that have been done, but since I'm only using it as a transport into my MSB Gold Link III, they really don't serve my purpose.

Thanks for the thoughts, though!

Ray, these players modded will smoke your MSB! No kidding, no comparison. There are threads on Audio Asylum where these players, modded by RAM (about $500) are reported to sound as good as the Linn Unidisk.
Maybe, but they also crap out and as I have stated I'm trying to avoid buying dixie cups.