Torus RM20 / BIT20 vs Furman IT reference 20i

Any thoughts on these two? They both look like big solid well built units. I am hearing more praise for the former though. The latter can be had used fro cheaper. Any thoughts?

Also these devices protect up to 20 amps so I could plug them into a normal 15 amp circuit, is that right?
I have the Torus RM20 and love it. But and it's a BIG but, I haven't compared it to Audioquest or Shunyata power conditioners. 
Fair enough. Something draws me to it. Also I like that Bryston has its own branded version... which maybe will come with their super long warranty?
Doubt the 20 year warranty applies to the anything other than the amps.

I have had a Torus RM15 now running 24x7 for 9+ years without any issues (knock on wood).
Is the notion that the furman is balanced power and the Torus isnt play into this comparison at all ? Also how would these compare to a Power plant 12 or 15?