Torus RM20 / BIT20 vs Furman IT reference 20i

Any thoughts on these two? They both look like big solid well built units. I am hearing more praise for the former though. The latter can be had used fro cheaper. Any thoughts?

Also these devices protect up to 20 amps so I could plug them into a normal 15 amp circuit, is that right?
I have the Torus RM20 and love it. But and it's a BIG but, I haven't compared it to Audioquest or Shunyata power conditioners. 
Fair enough. Something draws me to it. Also I like that Bryston has its own branded version... which maybe will come with their super long warranty?
Doubt the 20 year warranty applies to the anything other than the amps.

I have had a Torus RM15 now running 24x7 for 9+ years without any issues (knock on wood).
Is the notion that the furman is balanced power and the Torus isnt play into this comparison at all ? Also how would these compare to a Power plant 12 or 15?
This is a bit late, but . . .

I recently got an RM20 to feed my Bryston 4B3 and was surprised at the improvement to the sound. More 3D, more relaxing, more consistent from one listening session to another, and (most important to me) some occasional harshness I've been trying to eliminate for years is gone.

I previously tried a Shunyata Denali 6000 ver 2 in this circuit, and I preferred the RM20.

I have a Furman IT Reference 15i used for my source components. When I ran a long AWG12 extension cord from the Furman's high-current outlet to the 4B3, I didn't hear a change from plugging the amp straight into the wall. So with that limited comparison, the RM20 was superior in my system in this application.

All the gear is powered by a dedicated 25-amp circuit terminated in the audio room with Hubbell hospital-grade outlets. Power cords are stock.
I've had my RM20 for a couple years. I too found a more relaxing(natural) sound, but also better bass articulation. Although there are no absolutes in Audio, I'm surprised more Audiogon members haven't tried a Torus RM20. 

Some other brand are constantly coming up with new models, which means they get new advertising campaigns and new reviews. I imagine Torus have done some under-the-hood refinement, but the models have remained the same for a long time, and they don't do much advertising. The Stereophile review of the RM20 was in 2008!  Still a superb unit, and IMO definitely worth a listen.