Torus rm15 or rm20

Newby here when it comes to tech talk. I'm getting ready to upgrade my amplifiers and line conditioner/ regenerator and I'm not certain which one is best suited for me. My current system is as follows: Oppo udp 205, Marantz 8802a an older Rotel 2 channel (Rb 1080 )
Rotel 5 channel( RMB 1075 ) Rotel Rlc 1040 and a Rotel Rcd 1072 CD. I am trying to determine which regenerator I need the 15 or 20. Not sure if this plays a part but I am installing a dedicated 20a line. Can I buy the Torus RM 20 or do I have to get the 15.? Will the 20a damage my upgrades.? Like I said I am a newby when It comes to tech stuff so go easy.✌
The 15 & 20 refer to the power rating in amps. I have mine on a 15 amp Core Power  (1800 watts) I also have a dedicated 20 amp circuit and about the same number of components. If you plan on getting more components or super high powered amp, you may need the 20 amp. But either one will work and certainly the 20 won’t damage anything. It just refers to the amperage the unit can handle. The 20 can power MORE things.
Thank you.! Quick story,  I reached out to a custom cable maker in NYC about purchasing a more robust cord considering the chatter I was hearing about the stock cord for Torus was a bit weak. Referring to damaging my equipment he was stating that I could have a 20a on one end and 15 on the other otherwise it would be a safety hazard. That said as long as I am plugging everything into the Torus and then into the outlet the amperage is irrelevant as far as damage correct?