Torus RM-20 vs Shunyata Vray

I am currently using a Shunyata Vray on my system.

I am thinking of going to the Torus RM-20.

Has anyone tried both of these conditioners. What
differences did you experience with the Torus.
I've only had the Shunyata 6(components) and 5 Hydra 2s(amps)
on 6 dedicated lines.All I will say is the Torus is like ridin a harley and you've been use to riding a Honda 90 for too long.the Torus gives you a huge sound stage ,more bottom ect,a big sense of authority.If you can borrow one from your audio store then you'll know what I mean.I have a 20a and a 60a and I'll never sell them,I know that they are that good,
especially when I don't have to think I hear,you hear it and it is AWESOME.The Torus gives you more power that the wall can give(15,20A)I believe Torus can give up to 400a on music peaks.
Is there a conditioner that will go from riding a "Harley" to a bike that actually has ;)
All I can say is that's the best way I can describe it(musically)
if it came down to it the Shunyata would be the 90 and the Torus would be the Harley,That's how much an improvement they make.Having reserve power for the amps makes a huge difference.There are better ways to describe the Torus,authoritive,non restrictive,the music plays with ease,
the power in reserve lets the music play with ease as does a Harley cruzin on the road(with plenty in reserve,where say the 90 is just barley keeping up using all it has with nothing in reserve.
plus the added protection.The Shunyatas don't even come close and you HEAR it.
Before you laugh,you should try one and compare,then YOU will know.I'm the one laughing as I don't have to keep upgrading my conditioners anymore as I did with Shunyata and a few others.Nobody that I know have sold their Torus that I know of(I know quite a few) and the few on hear that sold theirs,they went to a bigger one.Look at all the Shunyatas FOR SALE.
I don't have to think I hear an improvement it
JUST IS with the Torus.High Performance(Torus),point A-B, Shunyata
PS :I have few friends that sold their Shunyats to Aquire a Torus and their totally satisfied as I am.
I'd love to see a shootout of the 10 best conditioners to see what comes out on top.
Just to add, using the power differences between the two motorized bikes,you can definately,hear,feel the difference and it's not suttle.
My description may not be audiophile type language,but we all know how a low powered bike compares to something like a Harley,Major difference and you don't have to think you hear something,you'll hear it and with authority and dynamics as music is afterall DYNAMIC.I'll keep my Harley audio LOL.