Torus RM-15 or Bryston Bit-15 owners. Do you plug in your amp to them?

I have a nice Furman 15 PFI unit but I don't plug my amp into it.  Instead, I plug the amp into the wall.  Sounds much better.
I'm thinking of moving to the 15 amp Torus or Bryston models. What I am interested in is the amplifier headroom they provide which could allow me to move up from my Bryston 4bst to a Bryston 4bsst2.  I'm thinking the Torus/Bryston could help deal with any additional power load/spike that a slightly bigger amp might draw.  
My main listening level is around 80 db with peaks at about 86/87 db.  The bigger amp might cause me to increase my listening level 2-3 db, which could become significant.
I should point out that my listening room (basement) Is purposely not hooked up to heat or any duct work.  It is very quiet in there.  Instead, in winter, when I go downstairs to turn the equipment on and let it play for an hour or two before I start listening, During the warm-up I also run a 1500 watt space heater which I turn off once I start listening.  I warm up the system at almost the same volume as when I'm listening.  The heater is on the same circuit as my system.
So, far I have never noticed a problem with current draw, but I think I would go with the extra protection of the Torus/Bryston Power Conditioner  IF  I would plug my amp into the conditioner, rather than the wall.  This is totally a sound quality issue.  
So, if you have one of these models, (I'm more interested in responces from people with the 15 amp models), do you plug your amp into the conditioer, or does plugging into the wall sound so much better that you skip the conditioner.

I have a Torus RM20 and plug my amplifier into it. I prefer the sound of my Jeff Rowland 625 S2 amplifier plugged into the RM20. 
Since I have 15 amp service (and I will never change - way too much work required) I've never looked at the 20 amp Conditioners.  Outside of the difference in amp design, are there any other differences of significance? 

I plugged my old Bryston 7B-SST and 4B-SST amps (at different times) into them. I had very bad power in one place I lived and plugging it into the Torus allowed me to listen with the 7B-SST. Prior to that the fuse on the apartment would flip. 

I believe the Bryston SST2 line MAY have some of the the Torus features built in. I am fairly certain that the Cubed series does. Ask Bryston questions on AudioCircle Bryston Owners Forum. James Tanner the moderator can give you the best answer.