Torus power vs the competition

We have a client interested in ordering a Torus power conditioner. 

In the past we have tried Shunyatta, Silver Circle, Running Springs, PS Audio, and a few others.

Currently we have found the Audio Magic products to consistantly sound amazing for a large number of systems. and absolutely do not limit current.

The Running Springs products were better then the Silver Circle which was a 110lb massive isolation transformer and were excellent but alas are no more.

We are retrying Isotek which we sold in the past, and they too were excellent but not as good as the Running Springs power units, but now they all have an Isotek Evo 3 line up which is supposed to be alot better.

Conversely with the Silver Circle somedays and times it sounded better than the Running Springs while other times it didn't and considering the crazy weight and size of the thing it made it nearly impossible to demo to clients.

With that being said we are seeking actual experience with those who have tried the Torus products and have compared them to some of the best units out there currently, opinions, comments?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

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Im using Vibex Granada and Alhambra which beat my Audience 6TSSOX was more dynamic and musical.I have had many units in my system this is the best by far.Good luck though!!
How does the Torus RM20 compare to the Furhman ITref 20i ?