Torus power vs the competition

We have a client interested in ordering a Torus power conditioner. 

In the past we have tried Shunyatta, Silver Circle, Running Springs, PS Audio, and a few others.

Currently we have found the Audio Magic products to consistantly sound amazing for a large number of systems. and absolutely do not limit current.

The Running Springs products were better then the Silver Circle which was a 110lb massive isolation transformer and were excellent but alas are no more.

We are retrying Isotek which we sold in the past, and they too were excellent but not as good as the Running Springs power units, but now they all have an Isotek Evo 3 line up which is supposed to be alot better.

Conversely with the Silver Circle somedays and times it sounded better than the Running Springs while other times it didn't and considering the crazy weight and size of the thing it made it nearly impossible to demo to clients.

With that being said we are seeking actual experience with those who have tried the Torus products and have compared them to some of the best units out there currently, opinions, comments?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

How about the CorePower Technologies 1200,1800 
these use big transformers and a unique grounding scheme 
very well reviewed. 
I have a Torus RM20, but have only compared it to the much less expensive Audioquest Niagara 1000 and Torus RM15.  The RM20 provides additional clarity and an ease to the music that can be easily heard. 
Thanks ricred 1. I will be ordering our demo piece soon.

We tried the $9,000 Audiquest Niagra sent it packing as the Audio Magico Oracle killed it in every way. 

Audioman, I too have heard that the Core units are good.

We just got back with Isotek for their reasonably priced products which were amazing, until Running Springs came along, but now Running Springs is gone, and Isotek overhaulled all their units.

Want to hear a secret we just got an Istotek Syncro and it was amazing how much more snap and focus we got out of the demo systeem. 

We just added one Syncro to the incomming power of the Audio Magic.

I don't know if these would work with a Torus so stay tuned.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
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@audiotroy curious if you can share more details/hand on experiences on the Isotek Evo 3 products and what make you feel they are so special over other competitions in real usage?
Hello hicr49 

Over the years we have tried many different power conditioners, and they have all changed the sound some were really impressive.

So far in the shop we have the Isotek Aqurius, and the Sigmas as well as the Synchro power cords these are in our All Purpose room with the Synchro being also used in our Reference Room with an Audiomagic conditioner.

The thing which makes the Isotek products so good is that they make everything sound more focused with greater micro dynamic swings the soundstage is also bigger. 

It sounds like you turned up the volume and the sound is more engaging.

Years ago with some of the other conditioners your top end could be greatly softened which may or may not have been a good thing.

The Syncho power cable is really impressive, it is an active power cable which has a DC blocking filter it made everything that was good even more dramatic. A syncho is often plugged into the conditioner and then into the world so it is kind of like a pre conditioner/dc blocker. 

We added a Syncho to our Audio Magic and again same difference.

The Isotek units offer isolation so the digital doesn't pollute the analog circuits. 

We have tried so far the AQ 7000, the Audience TS 6 with the upgraded cord, the Running Springs line to name a few as well as the Isotek units.

The Sigmas with an Synchro will take a system to another level. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

So what happened with the Torus, Dave?

For those of us that use balanced conditioners, there's no turning back.

I have a Torus RM20. It gives me a constant 120V. This than feeds my 'balanced' toriods. One BPT, two very old 2KV plitron medical transformers. I've wired the plitrons to give +60V on the hot, and -60V on the neutral. The BPT does it in a contained unit.

Search the internet for 'Felicia balanced DIY conditioner'. All who have done it swear by it.

Toroids develop a magnetic field. They in fact produce more current than the wall. Why some people think it diminishes transients and impact, is because it removes noise. It takes time for the brain to realize it's the noise floor which has been lowered, and not the music.

Completely agree with you on realizing what it did to my system.  Once I got my isolation transformer installed into my system, something had changed in the sound, and it took me a day to realize all the music was there minus the noise.  There is no turning back.
Torus worked best. I live in an area with lots of voltage fluctuation. this solved the problem especially if you want longer life on your tubes. No need for the boutique brand power strips and conditioners.
give us an update, Man! Are you still endorsing the IsoTek , Torus ,or Audio Magico Oracle?Happy Listening!
Jfant, we are endorsing the Isotek and the Audio Magic as being two of the best power products we currently work with.

We are still interested in testing the Torus, but haven't yet, we had a client interested in a Torus, he ultimately went with an Isotek Sigmas as he has one rack which contains his digital products and amps. 

Our client liked the idea that both conditioners treat analog, digital and high power devices differently and do not cross contaminate while the Torus doesn't isolate digital devices from analog ones.

Our question still stands if you are using a Torus just for an amplifier is it a contendor still hasn't been answered until we test one.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

I have the Torus RM20. My amp, preamp, music server, and DAC are plugged into it. In my system it lowers the noise floor and increased the dynamics without any degradation of sound. Of course, no absolutes in audio, only preferences. I really don't understand how anyone can make an assessment about a component they never heard? 
Dave and Troy at Audiotroy, I'm interested to know if you have now heard a Torus unit and what your impressions were. I've tried a small number of options including an Isotek power conditioner + Syncro, and so far an 'affordable' balanced mains transformer from the UK (also used with the Syncro) has given the best results.
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Im using Vibex Granada and Alhambra which beat my Audience 6TSSOX was more dynamic and musical.I have had many units in my system this is the best by far.Good luck though!!
How does the Torus RM20 compare to the Furhman ITref 20i ?