Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioner

I'm on the hunt for a Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioner. So far I know of Torus, Bryston, (pretty much the same thing), Richard Gray I think is similar in a way. But there has to be other names that make and/or distribute these products. Since I'm looking in the used market I list of top tier Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioners would be of great value to me, and hopefully expand my search results.

ExactPower EP15A

Above is one such thing, no affiliation what so ever with the listing party, have had several of them, they work great.

Good listening

Cinepro, out of business, but used around $500, Power Pro20,
also made by Furman, search Ebay for balanced power.

Check out these:
Add Blue Circle, Equi=Tech, Furman and Balanced Power Technologies (BPT) to the list. With regard to such products being "top tier", there are more similarities than differences between them all. For one thing, Torus, Bryston and BPT all employ the same "LO-NO/NBT" OEM isolation transformers manufactured by Plitron Corp.

BTW, Cinepro is still in business, with a whole new lineup of products.
I suggest reviewing the Equitech website for a significant amount of information.
Why does it have to be a toroid? They have wider bandwith, when with a filter you want the smallest bandwidth possible. Split bobbin EI or EI with interwinding shield makes more sense.
Isoclean PT-3030G. There is an ebay seller.
Ait. Please explain.
By their nature, toroidal transformers have a much wider bandwidth than EI transformers, meaning they pass more high frequencies than an EI would, while both will pass the fundamental AC frequency well (60 or 50Hz). The goal of an isolation transformer used as a filter is to block as much of the HF hash as possible, preventing it from getting into the connected equipment, so it stands to reason that a more lossy transformer would do a better job of that.

Not saying a toroid with an interwinding screen won't do a good job, but I don't see any reason to fixate on a toroid; an EI can do as well or better for filtering.
Here's one man's thoughts on the subject of EI vs Toroid:
Another data point to consider:

Note the graph showing the bandwidths of the various transformers tested and the discussion that follows.
Ait. Sorry to disagree. Check the Equitech website to learn what many many 'extreme' hi-tech companies know. End of conversation thanks.
End, indeed. The facts speak for themselves.