Torn between two IC's... Please help...

I'm torn between Goertz Silver Sapphire and Morrow MA-4's... Currently I have Goertz copper mircopurls going from my Bifrost dac to my NAD 326bee... My plan is to move the copper microlpurls in the place of the pre-amp jumpers and buy a new set of ic's to go from the Bifrost to the NAD... I only need a 1/2 meter for the run... I wish I knew how the MA-4's compared to the Silver Sapphire Goertz... Any help would be greatly appreciated...

I tend to agree BUT I have heard Morrows in MANY systems and they are very clinican sounding period. Also 30 days is not long enough.
Correct... Thirty days is not nearly enough... My system is almost 4 months old and there still happens to be sonic changes with it, and for the better... I know that there are no two systems that are alike so it's gonna have to be trial and error...
Morrow offers a 60 day trial on their cables. I don't find them clinical, but paying for the optional burn in service is probably a good idea. With that and the 60 day trial period, you should be able to make an informed decision.
optional burn-in is the biggest waste of funds. trial or burn-in should only happen within purchaser system. if system doesn't sound good out of the box new while it was good before, than you can blame cables and less-likely 30 or 60 days will correct that.
my morrow cables [ic, spk, power and digital] all sounded good out of the box and then went thru gyrations that were pretty dramatic. almost unlisteneable for a few days. then they clicked one day and work well in my system.